Soudy posvětily vydání Putinova úředníka ruské justici, rozhodnout má Pelikán

The main Czech Court in Prague approved an extradition of Alexander Alexandrovich Nikolaev, former high-ranking state official, to the russian justice. The final decision is now on the Czech Ministr of Justice, Robert Pelikán. The former boss of the Federal state budget is in the Russia accused of a conspiracy and a fraud, which damaged state assets in a value of ten millions rubles. He was hiding in the Czech Republic until January this year, when he was arrested by czech officers based on the international arrest warrant. According to him, the accusations of fraud are faked. I never planned to steal Putin’s money, that is crazy, he said. Putin is slowly getting out of money, so he is finding new enemies of the state and I decided to leave to the Czech Republic, he added.
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