Sobotka u dotační kauzy ROP byl, udělali si z toho dojnou krávu, prohlásil Babiš

Sobotka was in the ROP affair of subsidies. They made a cash cow from it, said Andrej Babiš, Czech Minister of Finance. The Czech Prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka bears the responsibility for behavior of his colleagues in the ROP (regional operating program) affair Northwest. He was a deputy chairman of ČSSD political party, said Andrej Babiš, Czech Minister of Finance and the leader of ANO party. Babiš said this in the response to Sobotka’s statement, that ROP affair is closed and it is past for ČSSD. In the fact, police also investigates Babiš’s farm Stork’s nest for misuse of subsidies. I don’t think that the statement of Bohuslav Sobotka is alright. He was there, when this ROP corruption was made. He was the deputy chairman, so he bears the responsibility, means Andrej Babiš. The vice-premier for Science and Research, Pavel Bělobrádek, the leader of KDU-ČSL party, was restrained. It is an inner thing of ČSSD, how they will struggle with it. And mainly, it depends on the police and the court and their investigations, he means. The police expressed in numbers, that the damage is 13.9 billion Czech crowns.
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