'LNK Group' īpašnieki ziedojuši Šlesera pārstāvētajām partijām

The owners of the company "LNK Group" Milovi family once have donated 52 644 euros to the political forces represented by former politician Ainars Slesers. Overall, in 2010 the chairman of the board of "LNK Group" Aleksandrs Milovs donated 25 611 euros to the political association "Par Labu Latviju" ("For a Good Latvia"). In 2009 the chairperson of the management board Artjoms Milovs donated to "Šlesera Reformu partijai LPP/LC" ("Reform Party of Slesers LPP/LC") and the assistent of the chairman of the board Vadims Milovs to this no more existing party allocated 14 228 euros.
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