Hejtman si řekl o procenta bokem, tvrdí firma a podala trestní oznámení

Representatives of Mladá RP filed accusation against the Central Bohemian governor Miloš Petera (ČSSD), his Deputy Karel Hořčička (ČSSD) and deputy director of the regional office Ales Ruzicka, because of suspicion of corruption and abuse of power. But they refused any accusations and they want to file a accusation for slander. Dispute is related to the problematic area in Milovice near Nymburk. Company Mladá RP made a contract with the Region in 2010 and leased an extensive area for 40 years for the amount of 25 million crowns. But Region in 2015 announced that it will end cooperation with the company, because it fails to comply with the contract. However, co-owner of the company says, that the reason is that he refused to give the governor 10 percent of their expected income.The company has already asked the court for a preliminary injunction that Region could not deal with the territory, because company considers a lease agreement to be valid.
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