Špioni a korupčníci. Ruská televize chystá útok na humanitární organizaci Člověk v tísni

We are facing a discrediting campaign, claim People in need. Russian television station connects them with espionage. The Czech humanitarian organization People in need serve to foreign secret services, claims Russian television station TV Centr. The TV station will broadcast a documentary movie accusing organization of espionage and corruption in the Ukrainian Donbass, which is controlled by Russian forces. The Czech organization refuses the charges as a discrediting campaign and as an effort of Russian forces to get them out of their region. Russian political scientist Ivan Preobraženskij said, according to his opinion, that the news report is created for order. Similar reports are usually ordered from high ranking official. Requested goal is to compromise some particular people or organizations. In the case of foreigners and opposition activists is the goal to get them out of the region, which is controlled by Russia, he means.
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